case description

Design-people is an ambitious Scandinavian innovation consultancy which works in collaboration with Develco Products which is a B2B company providing white label products within the field of smart homes. The connection between the smart home devices and clouds happens through the internet, this provides the opportunity to monitor an extensive amount of different data and provide customers the best experience. The demand was to create a smart home experience for a given target group. For this project the team was provided with different target groups and subjects, the one chosen was tech-timid as a target group in the health care sector.


Create a digital concept for a smart home which brings value for the given tech-user profile (in this case the Tech-timids) by incorporating at least one of the Develco Products

Design solution

The team developed a solution for the tech-timid profile, specifically the mentally-ill people in the subject of Health Care. The solution is a smart home experience which will make life easier for the mentally ill person and his/her caregiver. It consists of a system where the admin is the caregiver, who can place daily tasks and monthly goals for their patient. Another useful feature is that the caregiver will monitor the data provided by the sensors and smart plugs (by Develco Products), placed in the house of the mentally ill. This is used to provide data about their hygiene habits and to provide data about the safety in the house. The mentally ill, on the other hand, will have a screen at home where he/she can check their daily tasks, get reminders by the caregiver and keep track of his/her goals.


improve quality of life

increase the feeling the independency among the mentally-ill

save time for the caregivers



Develco Products

Target audience

mentally-ill people 

and caregivers


Agile project menagment

Idea generation

Desk research

Qualitative research(interviews) 

Value proposition canvas 

User scenarios 

Low fidelity wireframing 

High fidelity prototype 

Usability testing

– think aloud test.

design Solution

Home screen

Start screen

The start screen consists of a logo which represents the idea of a better home experience, the name of the product and the slogan. 

Mood section


Since this product is for mentally-ill people, the users will be able to input their mood daily. The caregiver will receive this data and take it into consideration.


After entering the mood of the day, a tip will pop-up. 


Calendar incorporated with all the tasks for a month is useful to have a superior overview. The tasks are illustrated with icons to keep the simplicity of the design.

the team who made that happen

Simona Bozhinova

Tsanyo Petrov

Aurika Damsgaard Pedersen

Jessica Rickert

Karina Konrad