This was an individual project where I had to create branding design for fermented tea Kombucha. I had the freedom to make logo, name, packaging and concept for the new product.

What is the ambition of the brand? (Vision and mission).

No doubt, it’s vital for every company, organization, brand to havea mission and mission statements which purpose is to summarize the entity’s goals and objectives. The difference between both statements is slightly thin but is in that that while the mission is about what the company wants to achieve currently, the vision describes what the company aims to be in the future.

Based on that and the analyses made so far, author considers these as suitable mission and vision statements for the new Kombuchabrand.


“To provide a high quality and healthy soft drink for consumer to refresh their body and mind. Our goal is to be an accessible and trusted brand. We aim on unleashing the potential of the Kombucha juice.”


“To be the preferred brand of Kombucha juice and to inspire people to be healthy and happy.”

design solution


• Green – Nature, Success, Prosperity, New Beginnings

• Blue – Peace, Calm, Sorrow

• Pink- “In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is

a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that

everything will be okay.”


The logo of the brand is designed by taking in consideration the personality traits and the values which the brand represents. The font is cursive and also in addition there is a graphic element which makes the logo unique.

Mockup of a bottle and a can
Prototype of application

The unique part of this brand is also the application which people are going to be able to open after scanning a QR code which will be printed on the label of the bottle and straight on the metal can. Here you can see the design of the pages and also open the link and see how the app will work on a mobile device.