case description

The client for this project was Danske Bank, they provided us with two cases to work with. The team had to develop a concept for better banking. Danske Bank provided 2 cases to work with – Case A – to create a digital concept that would make banking better with a concentration on mobile devices, and Case B – how digital banking could be on alternative devices, taking in consideration devices that are already on the market. For this project, the team has chosen the Case A.


Create and design a digital concept that would make banking better for you as a customer than you / you are experiencing banks today.

Design solution

Improving the already existing mobile app with a focus on the saving accounts. Proposing the option of creating personal goals for each user, enabling notifications and motivational messages in order to make users feel comfortable and enjoy the feature. Adding social element by sharing the personal goal via Mobile Pay so family and friends (not necessarily Danske Bank users) will have the opportunity contribute to it.


Improving spending discipline 

Increase motivation to save money between the users


Danske bank

Target audience

Millennials(20-29 years old) , secondary – youngsters “Generation Z” (14-19 years old)


Agile project menagment

Idea generation

Customer research 

Provisional Personas

Customer journey

Value proposition 


Risk analyses 

Qualitative research (interviews) Desk research

Low fidelity wireframing

High fidelity portotype

Usability testing (think aloud test)

The first question we asked ourselves was: „How can we make economy and savings fun, and what attracts a younger audience to become more interested in financials?“ It is a tough question to answer but we have tried to find an answer within gamification. Gamification is not really a game. It is a way of changing a customer’s behavior in a funnier and more motivational way. This could i.e. be through nice online visuals or motivational notifications. 

Desk research have shown that youngster today are very much in debt. As if it is cool to have a negative bank statement and not really save up for anything. Another issue is the fact that young people are in need of new clothes and gadgets now instead of thinking about them as a privilege that would be nice to have in the future. 

The identified primary target audience for this concept is millennials from the age of 20-29, and our secondary target audience is the „Generation Z“ from the age of 13-19. The primary target audience are motivated to save up money since they are working, they know their budget, and have several financial goals to save for.

They would like to improve their spending discipline, set milestones for their future, and improve their monthly saving capabilities. The younger target audience are motivated to save up money to maintain social status amongst friends, they are born with smartphones in their hands, and they might also have a job that provides them with a minor salery from which they are able to start saving for something they would like to have. 

Our field research through interviews have shown that most people think it is convienient to have a savings account, but they do not necesseraly know what to spend it on. If they were able to divide their savings account into different subaccounts they would benefit from a better overview and a more motivational way of saving up money. 

This modern, digital solution with gamification and encouraging notifications are very up to date. We see them in fitness tracking apps, smoke quitting apps etc. Why not use these digital functions in banking to make it more motivating to save?


The concept for this case ended up being a new way of having a savings account. Your savings account may now be divided into several subaccounts created for different saving purposes, depending on how you would like to prioritise your next financial milestone. A financial milestone could for example be saving up for new school books, down payment for an apartment, or a vacation.

The milestones will be visually available in your netbank at all times for you to see how far you have come with your savings, and in this way gamification is adding a funnier element to your economics. You will receive a motivational notification within the app whenever you come reach your financial goals and in that way encourage you to think about your savings more than maybe once a month.

A different twist in this new way of saving money is the opportunity for others to transfer money directly to one of your subsavings accounts. In this way, the mobile banking app makes sure that monetary presents go to exactly what was intended, instead of giving cash to the receiver, who then might spend the money on something else.


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