About me

Who am I

My name is Simona Bozhinova and I come from Bulgaria. I have finished my education in Aarhus, Denmark.

In my work environment I want everyone  to feel as comfortable as possible but I can also express my opinion and give argumentation when I think someone is wrong, I am maybe one of the most social people you can meet. I have different passions, of course design is one of them. I believe that people should express themselves is any way possible that is the reason why I love drawing, fashion, music and make-up 😉 .

My favourite quote is “Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.”. Well I love both question and solution.


A little background of my studies

I have graduated from Business Academy Aarhus receiving degree from PBA Digital Concept Development. In order to get a diploma for bachelor I took another education Multimedia Design and Communication. This is where my passion for user experience and user center design started. In my first education I developed my design skills and I became very comfortable with the Adobe Suite. My Digital Concept Development education was beneficial for my user research skills, design thinking process and learning about various methods for creating winning digital solutions.


I consider myself as a web designer with great knowledge of UX and UI. I love creating art works and draw with my iPad. I have experience with creating  websites and this is something I love doing and I can spend hours on. In my current education as concept developer I spend most of my time researching user behaviour and implementing user needs in the digital world. My work is connected with working in teams and so far inmost of the project I have taken the role of the Project Manager. I find my job fascinating and it is definitely something I am passionate about.